Penn Connects 3.0

Over a decade ago, we formulated a blueprint for transforming the University of Pennsylvania campus. We called our plan Penn Connects, an assertive statement to create an eminently vibrant and innovative urban university, deeply connected to our local community with far-reaching global perspectives. Penn Park, the Singh Center and the New College House exemplify reinvented campus gateways, enlivening mixed-use connections to the city.


Penn Connects 2.0

Penn Connects 2.0 reaffirmed our commitment to sustainably invest in Penn’s historic West Philadelphia campus and we boldly embarked on new technology transfer initiatives at the Pennovation Works. With the opening of the Penn Wharton China Center, Penn’s global reach now extends to Beijing.

Since 2006, Penn has added 30.25 acres of new open space, 6 million square feet of new construction, and reinvested in 2.7 million square feet of renovated space. These capital achievements represent a combined public and private $3.8 billion investment.

Penn Connects 3.0 will continue our transformation of all aspects of Penn’s teaching and scholarship, research and client care, living and learning experience, community engagement and a sustainable vision for the future.