Green Buildings and Utility Management

Penn has committed to the design of high-performance building as part of all future Penn Connects projects. Using the US Green Building Council’s LEED program as a guide, Penn’s green building design focuses on the building landscaping, water use, energy performance, materials and methods of construction, and indoor air quality.

The Plan recommends best practices in utility management. For several recent projects on campus, Penn’s own TC Chan Research Center, located within the School of Design and staffed by Penn faculty and graduate students, have been employed as consultants to provide energy and fluid dynamic modeling to fine-tune building designs. The goal is to provide the most comfortable, healthy, day lit lecture halls, labs, classrooms, and offices possible for teaching, research, and learning. Specific to the Penn Park, the Plan recommends “dark sky” light fixtures which shine light exclusively downward and use energy efficient sources. This will reduce the excessive light pollution and energy consumption associated with evening athletic events and programs.