Neural-Behavioral Sciences Building

Stephen A. Levin Building

Between the Leidy Labs at 3740 Hamilton Walk & the Carolyn Lynch Labs at 433 South University Ave.


Planning Strategy:
By virtue of this site's location at the convergence of key vehicular and pedestrian approaches to the campus (Baltimore, Woodland, and University Avenues), the development is critical to the perception of the University by the adjacent community and the city as a whole. Rather than function as a barrier that separates the school from the neighborhood, the building serves to link the two, providing a smooth transition between the academic environment and the surrounding community.

The new building provides for the collaboration, exchange, and integration of knowledge that characterizes the study of Biology and Psychology at Penn. The new building houses research laboratories, teaching facilities, and spaces designed for interactions to foster the kind of cross-disciplinary work that increasingly characterizes work in these fields.

Total Project Cost:

78,000 gsf

April 2016


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