Golkin Hall

Golkin Hall

3400 Chestnut Street


Planning Strategy:
The University of Pennsylvania Golkin Hall, one of the nation’s oldest and most distinguished law schools, is renowned for providing a cross-disciplinary legal education in an intimate environment that encourages collaborative scholarship and study. The new building and the reassigned spaces must promote the collegial and collaborative environment that supports the educational mission at Penn Law. A key architectural goal for the complex is to enhance existing interactions and facilitate new ones between faculty members, between students, and among faculty, students, and staff. The new building must be respectful of the existing facility, particularly historic Silverman Hall and of the interior Courtyard. The new wing also should celebrate the presence of the Golkin Hall in its urban setting and symbolize Penn’s commitment to the community of which it is a part.

The existing Pepper Hall will be completely replaced with a multi-story, multi-use facility. The envisioned building will provide increased space in the complex for faculty offices, research centers, administrative offices, student organizations, teaching facilities, and spaces designed for interactions that foster the cross-disciplinary thinking for which Penn Law is widely known.

Total Project Cost:

35,000-45,000 GSF

December 2011

Kennedy & Violich

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