University Museum

University Museum

3260 South Street


Planning Strategy:
The addition of climate control throughout the West Wing, together with replacement of the windows with historically accurate energy efficient units will significantly enhance the Penn Museum visitor experience and provide greater protection and stability for the artifacts on display.

  • Phase 1 Gallery Renovations
  • Program: The first phase of the work to the Museum's historic West Wing included refurbishment of the 2nd and 3rd floor public galleries, modernization of HVAC, window replacements, and infrastructure mechanical work that would support phases 1, 2, and 3.
  • Total Project Cost: $5.68 M
  • Area: 29,274 GSF
  • Completed: 2010
  • Architect: Samuel Anderson Architects
  • Phase 3 Widener Renovations
  • Program: This phase of the project in the Penn Museum restored the Widener Lecture Hall to its original function with stage and balcony seating. Renovations included the 2nd floor multi-purpose lecture hall, its 3rd floor balcony, and 1st floor bathrooms. In addition to restoration of the original hall and its entry door, this project included a new HVAC system and window replacements.
  • Total Project Cost: $3.2M
  • Area: 5,300 GSF
  • Completed: April 2013
  • Architect: Samuel Anderson Architects
  • Phase 2 Conservations Labs Renovations
  • Program: This phase of the work included the renovation of Conservation Labs on 1st floor and office space on 3rd floor, specifically addressing climate control, and replacement of windows.
  • Total Project Cost: $4.4 M
  • Area: 8040 GSF
  • Completed: August 2014
  • Architect: Samuel Anderson Architects

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