Proposed new clinic windows

Evans Building Schattner Clinic and Schattner Pavilion

4001-03 Spruce Street


Planning Strategy:
The state-of-the-art Evans Building Schattner Clinic was completed in January 2018. Previously known as the Main Clinic, the 16,500 sq.ft Schattner Clinic features a total of 74 dental operatories, new energy efficient windows, and a new roof.

Completed in summer 2018, the Schattner Pavilion extends beyond the existing atrium of the Schattner Center at Penn Dental, enclosing a portion of courtyard area behind it, creating a dynamic new space on two levels for public gatherings and interaction. This space is a central meeting and reception area for faculty, staff, patients, and visitors to the Penn Dental Medicine campus.

Total Project Cost:
Combined $22.4M

Combined 20,050 GSF

Summer 2018