Robbins House

Robbins House
(Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology)

3537 Locust Walk


Planning Strategy:
The renovation and addition to the existing office space at 3537 Locust Walk provides a cohesive home for the Penn Engineering and Wharton's joint Jerome Fisher Program in Management & Technology. The design integrates an existing historic building and a new, contemporary addition, with three floors offering a mixture of offices, study areas, lounge spaces, and a multipurpose seminar room.

The entry level houses the reception area, and a lounge and study space. A multipurpose conference and boardroom is located in the historic section. Offices for the Director and the staff are on the 2nd and 3rd floors and private study rooms surround a third floor lounge and study area.

Total Project Cost:

8,000 GSF

Summer 2017

Studio Joseph

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