Planning Process

The planning process that led to Penn Connects commenced in April 2005 under the direction and guidance of the Campus Development Planning Committee (CDPC) appointed by President Gutmann and the Trustees Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Development. The CDPC was responsible for advising the President on priorities for land uses, and the consistency of the design and planning recommendations with the Penn Compact.

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One of President Gutmann’s priorities was to ensure that the process was broadly consultative and that the CDPC sought advice and counsel from the broad campus community. Deans, senior administrators, students, faculty, and staff were consulted and given periodic updates on the Committee’s progress through the following groups: Council of Deans, Faculty Senate, Academic Planning and Budget, Penn Alumni Society, University Council, University Council Committee on Facilities, Undergraduate Assembly, Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, Penn Professional Staff Assembly, Weekly Paid Professional Staff Assembly, Senior Planning Group, University Health System, Provost’s direct reports (including Museum and Library), and a University-wide Faculty Advisory Group. In addition, town hall meetings were held in the fall of 2005 to widen the consultation process.

  • Trustees Ad Hoc Committee on Campus Development
  • Chairman James Riepe
  • William Mack
  • Christopher Browne
  • John Clark
  • David Cohen
  • Wendy Evans Joseph
  • David Silfen
  • Deborah Marrow
  • Gil Casellas
  • Campus Development Planning Committee (CDPC)
  • Ron Daniels, Provost, co-chair
  • Craig Carnaroli, Executive Vice President, co-chair
  • Omar Blaik, Senior Vice President for Facilities and Real Estate Services
  • Scott Douglass, Vice President of Finance and Treasurer
  • Gary Hack, Dean, School of Design
  • Vanda McMurtry, Vice President for Government and Community Affairs
  • Joann Mitchell, Chief of Staff
  • Arthur Rubenstein, Dean, School of Medicine, EVP/UPHS
  • Wendy White, General Counsel
  • John Zeller, Vice President of Development and Alumni Relations
  • Michael Harris, Associate Vice President
  • Mark Kocent, Principal Planner
  • Sasaki Architects, PC, Master Planners of Penn Connects

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